“The 360 Signature Detail”

Jacksonville Tesla

This is the foundation of ALL of our services. Everything we offer from paint correction and ceramic coatings, to XPEL paint protection film begins with our signature detail. This includes a multi-step wash, seasonal synthetic sealant, Basic interior cleaning and trim and tires dressed.

This package is for the newer, well maintained vehicle. This is a 1.5hr (for car) 2.5hr (full size SUV) detail that should be done monthly on a daily driver to protect the finish and prevent wear and tear caused by excessive and prolonged contaminants. The results FAR exceed that of any quick car wash facility.

Cars start at $145

Full Size Trucks and SUVs start at $225 

(Each vehicle is evaluated in person. Recommendations and options are discussed and a final price is given based on the vehicle and customer needs.)

***Please keep in mind that our mobile services are designed for WELL MAINTAINED vehicles! Mobile jobs are a service in itself saving the customer time and hassle from driving to a car wash or to the shop. Vehicles that are neglected or require a LOT of reconditioning or any services above our signature detail must be done in the shop. ***

“Multi-Step Wash Process”

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My wash process is designed to thoroughly deep clean your vehicle in a safe manner without instilling swirls. 

  • This process starts with a power rinse with a low pressure power washer using deionized, spot free water. This knocks off any loose dirt, bugs, dust, mud etc. 

  • The wheels, tires and wheel wells are deep cleaned using Ph neutral, non-acidic and safe cleaners. 

  • The final wash is done with 2 buckets, one for rinse and one for soap, each with dirt trapping grit guards at the bottom, using microfiber mitts or cloths. Each panel is cleaned one at a time. Emblems are cleaned using hogs hair detail brushes. Grills, cowls and intricate areas are carefully cleaned. 

  • Door jambs and hinges are cleaned. An area often neglected. 

  • The final rinse is done again with spot free water. Followed by a filtered, forced, heated air dryer to blast water out of mirrors, handles, window sills, grills, wheels etc. The less touching of the cars paint the less chance of swirls and scratches. 

This process takes anywhere from 30 minutes up to 1 hour or more depending on soil level and size of the vehicle. Now the vehicle ready for a Paint Enhancement, Paint Correction, or LSP (last step product) Meaning a high grade sealant or wax. All Ceramic Coatings need at least a “Paint Enhancement” before application of the coating. 

Add On Services

Full Interior detailing including carpet extraction, steam cleaning, headliner cleaning, leather cleaning and conditioning, ozone treatment for odor. Child seat detailing upon request.

Headlight restoration

Paint polishing, enhancement or correction

Ceramic coating

Xpel paint protection film

Overspray removal

wheels off detailing

glass polishing and water spot removal

Glassparency window coatings

Show car prep

Maintenance packages

Dent repair/removal

Scratch and chip repair

BEDTRED or BED RUG carpet replacement for jeeps

Decal installation

Sand and dog hair removal.

Other services by request.

Stay tuned as this page is still under construction!

Thank you!