Price vs Cost

I wish sometimes my only job was to educate and talk to customers. I could spend all day turning anyone into an effective consumer. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to spend on EVERY call that comes my way. Thats what this blog post is for.

“I need a price!” No, you need to ask better questions!

I get more texts, emails, calls that start out with “PRICE” than anything. I get it. You want a price that you’re comfortable with. But lets not even talk about detailing right now. Lets talk about you getting what’s truly important to you- value for your money. Does it really matter that after calling 5 detailers, that you found the lowest price when in the end you’re not satisfied with your purchase? You had the option to buy a perfectly clean, mechanically sound, used Honda for 80% less than what you spent on your vehicle right? They both get you to the same place dont they? You weren’t going to be happy with a used outdated Honda though. Thats value. Its not about the lowest price. When you trade your money for a service or an item you want to be happy with that exchange. You want to know you got your moneys worth. Satisfied customers dont regret the money spent. Unsatisfied customers do. Often times when someone goes for the cheaper price, ESPECIALLY for a professional service, they end up spending more money sooner than they expected to get what they were after in the first place. Thats cost. You saved money the first time just for it to cost you more later.

You see when you hit up Amazon, walmart, your local store looking for a specific item it absolutely makes sense to shop by price. At the end of the day you are getting the exact same red, digital, Mr Coffee coffee maker or set of tires. Shopping for deals and price makes perfect sense when you are buying a new car. When you are looking for a detailer, a landscaper, a tattoo artist (especially), a painter, WHATEVER, dont let the first question be “How much?” Instead ask more important questions. Start with “what does your SERVICE include?” What is included with that price? The car wash is 30$. I can’t beat that price. But your wheels are going to be clean. Your cup holder isn’t going to have caked on coffee spills. Your paint isn’t going to feel like tree bark and your vehicle isn’t going to have a brand new set of swirls all over the place. The PRICE was only 30$. But its going to COST you an additional detail and extra labor to polish out the swirls. Price and cost are very different. Sometimes the cost is far higher than the price.

The difference in price between skilled services is ALWAYS going to be quality. I use Spot free water. That costs money. Its also a great benefit to the vehicle. I use quality products that WORK. I use professional tools. I am mobile so I COME TO YOU. Time is the most valuable commodity on EARTH. No amount of money has ever bought a minute of extra time. Coming to your home or office is a valuable luxury in itself.

Im not the most expensive. But I charge for the time it takes me to make each customer HAPPY. Not a single person has ever regretted money well spent. Everyone regrets not getting what they paid for. Even if its only 30$.